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SELLER Tips to Prepare your Home "FOR SALE" 

Whether you just want your house to look better or you are serious about getting your house ready for potential buyers to start viewing your house to purchase, Here are 38 valuable tips to get you on your way:


1.  Paint the exterior of your home to make it look cleaner and years younger.  If your home has been painted within the last few months, have the trim painted again. The fresh smell of paint to the buyer shows that the seller has put forth effort to prepare the home for sale.

2.  Trim shrubs, especially around walkways.

3.  Park extra cars down the street.

4.  Sweep debris from sidewalks, patios, and the front walkway.

5.  Put away all toys, skateboards and bicycles.

6.  Remove rusted swing sets and worn out patio furniture.

7.   Move firewood off the ground and away from the house.  On a pest inspection, firewood stacked next to the house might be listed as conducive to pest infestation.

8.  Make sure the roof is in good condition.

9.  Mow the lawn frequently.  Weed and plant flowers.

10. Clean all windows and repair any broken panes.

11.  Keep pets out of the way.

12. Clean up oil stains on the driveway.

13. Water yard only in the early morning or late evening to avoid water being tracked inside the home.

14. Move trashcans from out front of the house and out of walkway.

15. Clean the gutters.

16. Repair sprinkler heads.



17. Put away all dishes, toasters, blenders, etc. from kitchen counters to create the illusion of spaciousness.

18. Organize the laundry room.  Clean all clothing or keep it neatly in baskets or hampers.

19. Bathrooms should sparkle.  Clean the faucets.  If the shower curtain is worn, buy a new one.

20. All flooring should be cleaned and vacuumed.

21.  Make the beds.

22.  Remove all clothes from chairs or floors.

23.  Remove unnecessary furniture items to create space.  This will make your rooms appear larger.

24. Keep appliances, air conditioner and heater in perfect working order.

25. Seal or calk windows, tubs, showers and sinks.

26. Clean ashes from the fireplace.

27. Open drapes and blinds, and turn on all the lights.

28. Store away extra clothes and shoes so closets appear larger.

29. Remove knickknacks that look cluttered.

30. Remove potentially offensive posters or paintings.

31. Put toys away in the kids´ bedrooms.

32. Move any valuable figurines or artwork that could accidentally    get knocked over.

33. Place fresh flowers and plants throughout the home.

34. Keep pet areas clean and odor free.

35. Secure jewelry, cash, and prescription medication out of sight and out of reach.

36. Remove any extension cords or phone cords that might present a walking hazard.

37. Make sure that the temperature inside your home is comfortable during showings.

38. Be sure to place jewelry or any other valuables in a safe deposit box.


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